Sunday, 2 September 2012

...rolling with the changes

Since I last posted I have helped Dave move into his in-the-week flat, turned 30, had my last day at work, and moved back into our Paisley flat properly.

This is a lot of stuff to do in the space of two weeks, and most of these things are quite emotionally charged. Moving Dave into his flat, it really hit home that we would be living separately. There was some crying on my part. I 'lived' there for a week and a half while I finished work, and it felt a bit odd - like we were renting a holiday flat. It is a nice flat though, warm and airy and bright and clean, and Dave's flatmate, our friend Stevie is lovely, and Dave likes it, so all in all, it is working out well.

As for turning 30, I did not have the dread that a lot of people seem to have. I am pretty happy with my life and what I've achieved, so it wasn't a big deal. Rather than having a big party, I have had a series of small events - I was taken for lunch by the kids and their Grannie on the day and Dave made dinner for me for when I got home, We had family over on Saturday which Dave made a lovely lunch for, on Thursday Mhairi took me out for lunch, and then in the evening was another family meal. I have been truly spoiled - A hand-crocheted blanket from my sister  and craft gifts and a book I've been coveting and BEAUTIFUL new Denby casserole pots from Dave,  a Rob Ryan mug, and a beautiful necklace. Lovely, thoughtful presents.

From Dave - grey ast iron Denby casseroles. The colour fade on them is gorgeous.

From Dave's Dad and Step-Mum - Welsh Colinette wool and chunky knitting needles.
The background is my glorious blanket from my sister.

Cath Kidston, and stuff to do. Also from my sister. I am one granny square in.

The Vintage Tea Party Book, Beautiful soap and  Rob Ryan mug from my SIL, BIL and nephew

My birthstone, from my best friend, who shares it!

the birthday feast, by my husband.

The blanket in all it;s glory, and our new lovely grey bedding.

And then, a week passed and it was time for me to leave work. I knew beforehand it would be difficult - I love the kids with all my heart and am very fond of their parents, but what became apparent was that lots of people were fond of me. Having done three years of toddler group and school run and music class, I know most of the small community the family live in. It was very much a week and a bit of goodbyes. The children's Grannies both said lovely things and gave me thank yous and I spent much of the Friday holding back tears. My last day was a strange mixture of lovely and heartbreaking. Some of it was so much a normal day that the leaving tea we had seemed utterly surreal - Chat an lovely gifts and hugs and questions mingled with sadness and lots of brave faces. The children at some points were very upset, which is hard to deal with, but as their mum said - it comes from a good place. I was driven by their dad to the bus stop to catch my bus, and I did it with many tears, ones I'd been holding in all day. I already miss them very, very much, but I have the comfort of a continuing friendship.

Sweetpeas from the kids' paternal grandmother.

About a year into working with the family, I told the mum that my dream cooker is the Emma Bridgewater Aga. This is my leaving
present from her - a little bit of Bridgewater for my kitchen. Again, I almost cried. 

A perfume bottle from the kids' maternal grandmoother. Red and gold. Very perfectly me.

The next day I moved. I have officially lived in our flat for four days. I still feel a bit weird - not quite attached to everything, but I think that will mend itself, and be helped when I am working again and have more of a routine. It's quit hard to mentally and emotionally adjust to leave people you spend half your week with and moving 80 miles away in the same week!

And now it's the end of our first weekend fully moved, We've eaten proper home-cooked food, pottered about, had a few drinks in town, and done a lot of washing. We've had pancakes from breakfast and a roast for tea, and had a few Sunday afternoon drinks with friends. We are still working out where thing go and what to paint/fix/do next, but already I've added some new (grey satin-stripe) bedding to our collection, and today my lovely grey Denby pots. It is beginning to sink in now that this is where I live and that I won't be going back to Dundee after a short weekend at home.

Tomorrow morning, Dave will leave here just after six am, and he will be gone until Friday. I am very glad we live in a world where we have video contact every day, and can text and IM. It makes this bearable. But mostly what makes it bearable is the pay off - weekends like this one, and eventually a life that's settles like this.


Le Material Girl said...

That necklace is gorgeous, and what lovely gifts!

I'm glad the move went ok! The best of luck in your new abode!

annelise said...

Sounds like a week full of emotion, good and bad. Hope you're feeling more settled and relaxed, and that living apart for the work week isn't too horrible.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Wow. What an emotional week full of highs and lows! I know how bittersweet good byes tend to be... You were clearly so loved by that family, but I am sure you will stay in touch!

You got some absolutely lovely gifts! I LOVE the blanket your sister made for you. It's STUNNING.

Lisa E said...

I've always thought it is a blessed life to have things that are difficult to leave. And know that it's a huge testament to the kind of person you are for people not to want to lose you. PS - your blog is always so peaceful, like a deep breath. And your birthday dinner looks SO good!

Lisa said...

That blanket - oh my! That birthday dinner - oh my! Glad that you're both settled now, roll on Christmas! xx

Lottie said...

intense is the word that kept popping in my head when i read this.

what a week!

it alsways take a while for change to settle in and to adjust to it, well it does for me anyway.

and those pots are beautiful--i love grey

Alison Cross said...

I don't know which thing I like the best!! The crochet book? The clock?! I am thinking maybe the clock?!

You are 30 - you are just a little stripling. I'll need your new address so that I can send you a belated birthday card. Do you still have my e-mail address so that you can send me it?


Evil Pixie said...

I'm so glad you had wonderful mini celebrations for your milestone birthday. You have a lot on your plate, and it is always nice to take a break from all the activity (and emotion) to just enjoy.

P.S. Love your birthday feast. Hubby is da bomb! :)

grace said...

glad you had a great birthday and got lots of goodies--you are clearly quite treasured! stay strong, lisa-marie! :)

Alan Hughes said...

You will find your path again. Don't worry.

Peidiwch รข phoeni

KatGotTheCream said...

Oh wow what an emotional roller-coaster you have been on my dear! Firstly happy 30th - your gifts and your birthday feast look wonderful!

Secondly, my heart goes out to you having to say goodbye to your lovely 'family' - it's testament to how much the kids and their parents love you that they were all so upset.

Also, I think you're very brave doing this living apart thing, even though it's temporary. It will all be for the best I'm sure.

I think you deserve some down-time now. Be good to yourself x

Hazels Crochet said...

Oh Sis, you got lots of lovely gifts! I envy you for having such a lovely clock, everyone knows you really well that you got such 'Lisa' items :)

If you ever get lonely, and I am free to come around....just send me a text!

Love you sis x

Siobhan said...

So glad you had such a great birthday and have started to settle in. x