Sunday, 6 May 2012

...busy, busy, busy.

After several lots of ripping out the stitches, I have something that at least resembles crochet. The book is 'The House at Riverton'

So, a month ago, I wrote about having a lovely relaxed time on my week off, and then times sped and work got busy, I got ill and better again, work got even busier, and suddenly it was this week,

American M&Ms, Thanks D!

A small bit of joy in the ENDLESS public transport.

Voting time!

Boots at work. Oh the glamour!

There has been a lot of this going on.

The book is 'The Little Women Diaries'. I think they'd approve of my chosen snack!

Bulk cooking at work, Of course, I had one of these as a cook's perk!

The beginning of crochet...

This week I have spent 17 hours and travelled roughly 650 miles on public transport. I got my winter coat back out, because the weather was awful. I have gone to the park on the two warm days with the kids. I have cooked nothing at home, while cooking a lot at work. I have begun to teach myself to crochet. I have had a whole day with some very lovely girls, eating D's delicious baked goods - including the best focaccia I've ever eaten. I've been to Whole Foods for the first time, and got cashew butter from the machines. I have read many books! I voted in the local elections and got angry at the low turn out, but was happy to see the candidate I wanted to win take a seat. After the day with the girls, I met Dave in ton for a few drinks for a friends's birthday, and we baorded my 15th (and last) bus of the week, the last bus back to Dundee. We arrived home to a rainy Dundee just after 1am.

Today- after a week of constant movement - I have napped, read, tried to catch up on blogs and Pinterest, listened to Johnny Cash and The Beautiful South (I know, I am SO cool). I had the foresight to build cleaning, washing and tidying into the mornings and the hour of evening I have after work this week - less sleep in the mornings, but I haven't had to do anything much today. And we had lasagne from Lidl for tea. I'm going to spend the last few hours of the day getting ready for the next busy week, and having some quiet time.


Evil Pixie said...

Wow! That is a lot of traveling in one week. I'm glad you at least got the chance to relax a bit, do some reading, and start a new project. :)

JoJo said...

Such a busy week LisaMarie- and what a lot of sausages!! I an loving the crochet- I cannot master it for the life of me!! Hope you get to chill a bit over the weekend- and hope some of the wallpaper was still there for you, Jo xx

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Dang, you have been busy!!

I taught myself to crochet a couple of years ago. i found it to be really frustrating, though! I much prefer knitting... but I might feel better if I had more guidance/help!

L said...

I'm torn with whether I enjoy busy weeks and weekends or not. I always dread them but usually enjoy them when they happen! As long as it's fun stuff.

Siobhan said...

I still mostly want to say I LOVE YOUR STAR SKIRT! So I LOVE YOUR STAR SKIRT! xx

Alison Cross said...

Boots look fab! In fact everything looks fab!

You are a busy bee! The crochet looks great - please don't promise to crochet someone a king sized bed-spread for the beginning of June.

Don't deny it - you'd do it!

Weather has been total pants. Am back in thermal vest. Still, at least it's not snowed!

Ali x

Lottie said...

Sounds really busy! I should take a note out of your book and do some cleaning each day so it doesn't mount up--will try that this week.

And love the fact you still have time to read--i really want to get back into reading, just need to find the right book.

Lottie said...

Sounds really busy! I should take a note out of your book and do some cleaning each day so it doesn't mount up--will try that this week.

And love the fact you still have time to read--i really want to get back into reading, just need to find the right book.

Cass said...

I love your blog and photos are so inspiring!!!

KatGotTheCream said...

Wow you have been a busy bee - this makes me exhausted just thinking about it! My longest ever commute was from Andover to London for a while during my late 20s - over 4 hours a day! But like you I developed coping strategies and I know you love your job so it's worth it.
Glad to see you've managed to get some down-time too and big congrats on learning to crochet (it's still on my to do list).

grace said...

you, my friend, should be a professional taker of public transportation. think you could make a career out of that? :)
by the way, i adore johnny cash and i'll sing along to his songs with you any time.

Lisa-Marie said...

J, A new, frustrating project. This week has been calmer though.

Jo, I appear not to be able to crochet with much skill either! I got a couple of bits, thank so much for the tip!

Lisa D, It is bloody frustrating! I saw a tutorial for finger knitting, which is a bit like loom knitting I think, and am going to try that next i think. :)

L, I do enjoy busy weekends, but there has to be the pay-off of a quiet one following it.

Siobhan, I LOVE IT TOO. (and you)

Ali, I am not good enough at crochet for a blanket at all, but you are right, it is the kind of stupid thing I'd promise. There is some snow forecast for the mainland tomorrow. in MAY. *cries and drinks gin* xxx

Lottie, the daily clean is a pain in the bum, but it does work. I try to at least do any previous day dishes and do a tidy round befoe i leave for work. It never gets super messy, and it's so much nicer to come home to, as I often don't get in 'til 9pm. Well, the bus is very good for reading time!

Cass, thank you. I think i may take too many photos of food, but ah well :)

Kat, it is exhausting, but most times it is only 3 days a week and I do adore my job, so I try not to grumble (except on twitter!). The good thing about the bus is it's me time, for books or crafts!

Grace, I totally should! You should come to Scotland, and we can do singing Johnny Cash (badly in my case) together!

Lindsay Jewell said...

This post makes me want to eat, read those books, and crochet all at once! Sounds like you've been busy. :)