Sunday, 4 March 2012

...looking on the bright side

So, after my major grump on Sunday, I am happy to say things are a very lot better. This week at work has been much calmer and much more normal. My lovely boss and I had a big chat about how I should approach things, and I feel much less pressure (which to be fair I was putting on myself, they always just expect me to do what I feasibly can), and enjoyed my week much more. I think the kids did too, so that's pretty great.

Also, the week has had it's fair share of lovely things. On Wednesday, a detour to The Works (who I used to work for!) on an unexpected trip into town to deal with some bank stuff yeilded a wee bit of treasure - A Bloomsbury 21 Edition of 'Johnathan Strange and Mr Norrell' by Susanna Clarke'. It was in the 3 for £5, and among the many and varied other choices, I also found a beautifully designed copy of her 'The Ladies of Grace Adieu'. Isn't it lovely?

On Friday I had another Kimble's lunch with Mhairi, as well as trying on a few dress options for Siobhan's wedding. I am SO excited about it. So far this is the main contender.

 I am aware that it's partially white, but Siobhan has approved it and I plan to wear either red or yellow with it to de-whiten it a bit! The fabric is quite stiff though - wise in London in June? I remember being there in October and it being BOILING.

Yesterday Dave and I had lunch at T Ann Cake. It is fairly evident from my review that I love the place. Today, I had maybe the best cake I have ever had. It was coconut and lime favoured, and quite similar to my version of Grace's Coconut Crusted Sour Cream Cake , but with a little extra sharp-freshness from the lime. And it had the perfect icing:cake ratio (I know loads of people are all about icing, but if there's too much I am suspicious of it).  ALSO, while we were there Dave got me this...

...I have been coveting one of these for about two years. I am so chuffed. It's by Stuart Gardiner, and I can be gotten here. On the swing-tag is a recipe for drop scones (or Scotch pancakes as some - and I - call them!). And yes, I intend to frame it and hang it in my kitchen. It is too lovely to use. Did I just tick off another box on the blogger cliche list?

Today, in an effort to win my ongoing battle with bread, I am attempting my first sourdough starter. There are some very simple recipes and a step-by-step in this month's Country Living, and it seems so straightforward that I might as well give it a try! If it works, I should be able to make a loaf with it next weekend.

For now, It's time for breakfast, some radio and some chat with the husband.

I hope everyone is having a good weekend.

Oh, and the flat is still pretty tidy! :)


That in black ink said...

Love love the dress. Get it and hope for a cool day!

thebabywife said...

That dress is fabulous - love it!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Love that dress! It will look lovely on you! How exciting that your sister is getting married!!

I am glad you are feeling better this week and that you had a good chat with your boss. It's good to feel supported by your boss.

Good luck w/ the bread making!!

TheFoodieHistorian said...

Glad you are feeling more chirpy! The dress is lovely!
I also have the "ladies of Grace Adeiu" susannah clark book on my to-read list. I keep picking it up, thinking that I need to read it, and then not getting round to it! I really enjoyed Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrel!
Don't suppose you fancy reading it together sometime?!

Lisa-Marie said...

Claire, I think that is an excellent plan!

TBW, Me too! Isn't it perfection?

Lisa D, I love a wedding! It is very good, I am lucky to have a support network. Of course, my well-being reflects on their children's, but it's still lovely that they care.

FH, yes please! I'm reading Jonathan Strange just now, and I have to read Sherlock Holmes for Blook Club (which you should consider coming too, it's in Edinburgh), so shall we say early April?

JoJo said...

Hi there, Great post. Lots to love. Fab dress, will be looking at those cake recipes. Good you had a better week- have a good one this week too, Jo x

Monica said...

thoroughly enjoyed Jonanthan Strange, it's a bit epic but hope you love it too.

lots of goodies this week, my faves are the cake and the book finds of course.

and great news about feeling less pressure at work - that must feel like such a load has lifted.

Helen said...

I bought Jonathan Strange almost seven years ago now, and in that time I have made so many excuses to not read it, too heavy to take to work etc I have picked it up several times read a little and given up. I was going to give up an donate it to charity, but I think I will try again!

Please let us know on here how you get on with the sour dough. Good luck x

TheFoodieHistorian said...

Brilliant - early April it is!
Would love to come to a book club, yes please!

KatGotTheCream said...

Lovely to see you're back in the swing of things. I love the Forget-me-not plate that cake is sitting on. Funnily enough I was coveting that Drop Scones tea towel the other day - it's ace isn't it!?

amy b.s. said...

i am in love with that dress!

Zoƫ {Conversation Pieces} said...

Oooh liking the dress :) (With yellow!) Yay to the lovely book cover... and to cake! And sod the cliche, some things are cliches because they're good and we all know it! ;)

JoJo said...

Hey Lisa-Marie, me again! I just tagged your great blog. No probs if you don't play along though. Jo x

Lindsay Jewell said...

Good luck with the bread! And that dress is adorable.

Siobhan said...

I love the dress and cannot wait to see you in it! Also the tea-towel looks lovely.

Lottie said...

Glad you are feeling more positive this week and that everything got sorted.

And I love that dress os pretty--and it might not be a bad choice for London as although it was boiling in April and October last year the actual summer was rather more dreary--trust the english weather to be unpredictable.

And that tea towel is amazing!

Hazel's Crochet said...

I hope you are getting that dress as I absolutely love it!! Even though it is white, the black pattern would definitely make it good to wear. I just hope it is the right weather conditions for you to wear it for the wedding.

The cake looks very yummy, and it made me think of the wonderful cream and jam scones we had together.

Love you x

Alison Cross said...

Hello gorgeous - right I luff the book cover 11/10, cannot believe you got that in The Works! Well done!

Frock for Siobhan's wedding is really beautiful and although it's got white in it, it's a fantastic pattern. We'll need photos!

Tea Towel - genius!!!!!!

Ali x

Elizabeth said...

Yes to all of the above questions ;-)
including the tea towel - love it!

I've missed your blogging!

JoJo said...

Hey Lisa-Marie, A wee bit of sunshine for you. Hope all is good with you, Jo xx

tearinguphouses said...

love that tea towel.