Wednesday, 18 January 2012


on Monday I woke to a world covered in frost!

There's always about a week after I take down the Christmas decorations and give the flat it's after festivities clean where I constantly think about springtime coming. For this week, in my head springtime is in a few weeks.

And then the temperature here hits -6 and I realise we have a couple of months of freezing cold winter before anything approaching spring happens. There's no Christmas to look forward to, so I make my mind up to be excited about and contented with the small things.

The days are slowly lengthening. Most of my journey to work is done in daylight, and at work, I don't close the curtains on the dark outside 'til 5pm, rather than at quarter to four. On sunny days, as it gets to early afternoon, there is that beautiful goldness to the light that only happens in winter.

The flat, having first felt very bare, even with all my clutter, now feels fresh and lovely.

The view from where I sit - the midwinter mantle, and my bright, cheery things!

Detail from the mantle - 'TEA SET' hair pins and ring, from
Rachael of Bunny's Beads for Christmas. My friends are ace.

My sister made me a beautiful mustardy-gold hat and scarf for Christmas, and worn with my red satchel of joy, I feel bright and cheerful going out into the frosty world.

Hat! by Hazel, the best sister ever.
Also, check how long my hair is!

I have long been a lover of hot apple juice with ginger, but have recently discovered that a lump of crystallised ginger, rather than raw, makes it sweet and warm and delicious.  I have also finally learned to like herbal tea - I am particularly fond of Pukka's Three Ginger at the moment, and I have a cup of their Night Time before I go to sleep most nights. As I have two pots with infusers, I am going to experiment a bit with herbal infusions in these winter months.

Ginger tea in my V&A mug. :)

The living room window sill is now a window seat for reading
andtea drinking  and interneting.It is much brighter and
 cheerier than this-so bright that I can't get a good photo!
I have been reading Charlotte Perkins Gilman on my ebook reader. When I was at uni, sociology was my favourite of the theoretic subjects I studied and I miss it. Gilman's work has a strong feminist message, and she herself was an inspiring person, and I am very much enjoying it. I will always read loads, so as setting an 'amount' target for myself in a year is pointless, this year I aim to read more sociological, scientific and political work. I am also very much looking forward to attending the next Blook Club. Life has very much gotten in the way of me going to previous ones, so I am excited. To keep track of what I'm reading this year, and because I find patterns in reading interesting I've started a page on here. It's a work in progress, I will try to make it more dynamic, but at least it's there!


Elizabeth said...

I have always wanted a window seat. They are the best.

And you hat is rad, your sister is very clever.


Suddenly I See said...

I am loving that homemade hat!

L said...

Love your new reading section. I've been feeling so wintery and just want to hibernate with tea. Might even revisit some different teas too

Monica said...

window seats are the best.

i'm a big fan of gilman too. i ought to re-visit her.

Miss Moopette said...

Love your hat and your little tea hair accessories!

Get thee over to Isle of Tea me lady for a guest posty about your new tea bits and new love of herbal tea? Non?? ;~}

Lottie said...

I love your hat and satchel think I need some bright accessories to brighten myself up, especially after somehow ending p in a Jan funk that I was trying so hard to avoid.

Spare Thoughts said...

Gorgeous hat on a gorgeous girl and look how long your hair is!
Love the window seat, very jealous.

Cass said...

oh so nice- your blog is like a hot chocolate on a cold day, lovely!!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

That window seat looks SO cozy! Love it!

And I LOVE your mustard colored hat. It's beautiful- Hazel is so talented!!

Siobhan said...

Love the hat and hair slides and this post. Spring does seem both a long way away and just around the corner right now. Sunny days are wonderful though.

Alison Cross said...

What I see is TIDY!!!!!!!! You are tidy. I am not *slattern face*.

You look wonderful in that hat! Really suits you.

Are you surprised to learn that I don't think about spring cleaning. Or any kind of cleaning really.

Ali x

Lisa-Marie said...

Elizabeth, we have TWO. I feel very lucky. I love my hat!

SIS, me too! I also have one in red. :)

L, I quite resent going outside. I am much happier indoors and cosy!

Monica, this is my first go at reading her. I read Herland, and now I'm reading The Yellow Wallpaper. It's not comfortable reading, but I think it's important to understand these issues.

Kate, I'll email you them!

Lottie, I love them too. I do think bright colours help you feel cheerful. I have banned myself from buying dark things, other than some basics, and it does wonders!

R, you made me grin. Love you!

Cass, that is a VERY sweet thing to say. *more grinning*. :)

Lisa D, she will be very pleased to see you say that, what with your super skills in knitting.

S, I knew you would love that hat! I want some springtime please!

Ali, I am very good at showing only the tidy. You can't see the pile of dishes that needs doing. Or the dust. Or the fact that I haven't managed to find hoover bags (we have a Henry) and so haven't hoovered for a week and a half. I do like tidiness though!!

JoJo said...

Love the post and the hat! Blook Club sounds fab- just joined a book club myself, have a good weekend, Jo x

Young at Heart said...

love the hat too cute........I swear by green tea as first beverage of the day ....with an added slice of ginger for the winter months!!

grace said...

i love the hat! it makes me wish i had either a)the talent to make my own, or b)a sister who could do it for me. :)

Hazel's Crochet said...

^_^ so many nice comments, it so does suit you sis!

This is such a cosy post :) Though I am glad days are lengthening again

Zoƫ {Conversation Pieces} said...

Tea cup hair pins - love! And yes your hair is getting so long! Our flat isn't at the 'fresh' stage... I always end up doing too much diy at this time of year! I'm torn over the frost thing as I want Spring and snow!!

ms.composure said...

stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to show some blog luv! def enjoyed this post!

KatGotTheCream said...

Great post! I am coveting so many things in your little corner of the world (window seats, mustard hats and red satchels of course).

I'm also really taken with your idea of hot apple juice with a piece of crystallised ginger!!!

amy b.s. said...

that is such a cute hat!

Lisa-Marie said...

JoJo, thank you! Let me know how you get on with it. I love Blook Club!

YaH, It is all down to my sister's skills. Ginger is the most lovely and warming of spices I think.

Grace, I am firmly in band A there! I have no skills!

Kat, maybe you could come to my corner of the world! Enjoy your gingery apple juice :)

Amy, Thank you!

Haze, see!! People love it as much as I do. Love you x

Lindsay Jewell said...

I've noticed the lengthening days, too, and it makes me very happy. Not that I'm wishing time would go faster or anything, but I do love to see the seasons change.

It looks like you made out well for Christmas!