Saturday, 17 December 2011 home with T Ann Cake

As part of being happy and content living here in Dundee, Dave and I have been spending many more of our weekends here - it really does feel more like you belong to a place if you spend your non-work time in it. We tend to try to do something on a Saturday afternoon, and last Saturday we headed into town for a wander, and to soak up the Christmassy atmosphere.

me contemplating cake.
One of the things that's nice about Dundee is that it has lots of wee, quiet streets, and on one of those, along with some nice vintage shops is T Ann Cake, and there we had our Saturday lunch. In the interest of honesty, I should tell you that I know of T Ann Cake because our friend Laura works there, but as you'll see from the blog and Facebook, it has a serious following.
Laura came over to show us this, the 'most perfect coffee she
 had ever made. So I'm showing you all it's beauty.
As we arrived, the place was packed as usual(I Have gone on a whim a couple of times and it has been so jammed I couldn't be seated), but a couple were leaving a wee table in the back corner and we grabbed it. Sitting in the wee corner, you can see pretty much all of the shop, and it is lovely - red tables, different chairs, vintage lampshades, ROWS of glass cakestands, cosy chairs dotted around.  (They also had a framed 'Drop Scones Not Bombs' tea towel, which reminded me I am coveting one!).
Don't you want to live here?

lots of cake and glass and loveliness

The cosy corner :)

It had been decorated for Christmas too, and so had bunting and pompoms and hearts and tiny santas, and handmade decorations hanging from branches attatched to the ceiling. It's sort of full of stuff but still spacious and light. I want to live there, and it's one of the few places I've gone where absolutely everything shouts 'this is me' to me.

Bunting, hearts, bells and cake tins.

The entry corner - perfectly festive.

And the food, oh the food. We had lunch, rather than just cake, and on that day one of the specials was mackerel rarebit. Dave had it and his exactly words were 'oh this is good, it is soooo good'. In the picture his hands are moving becuase he is annoyed at having to stop eating for more than five seconds. I had a brie, apple and red onion panini, and it was delicious and festive and melty.

Dave had a latte, and I had tea (obviously), an was pleased to see that their Earl Grey was from Tea Pigs. Both expertly made, and mine served very prettily. The best thing for me though was the cake. Pretty full from our yummy lunch, we had one cake to share, and chose to have a traybake. Dave is a big fan of mint flavoured things, so choosing the Bailey's and Creme de Menthe Chocolate slice was a no-brainer. The stuff was heavenly. Soft and creamy and a little bitter with coffee and mint flavour all through. YUM. By far the best minty chocolate thing I've ever had.

The best minty chocolate thing ever TM

The whole experience of the place left me completely content. It is ace. We spent a good hour and a half there, and you never feel rushed or invaded. It's cosy and relaxed and just lovely. It is definitely my new favourite place.


Evil Pixie said...

Those foodie photos make me hungry. Yum!

jules said...

What a fab find - the food looks delist!
Thanks for sharing!!

trashsparkle said...

What a lovely place - I love loads of different bits hanging up everywhere.

(Please tell me nothing bad happened to the jug that's precariously near the edge of the table - even in the photo I'm itching to push it in a little bit!)

Lisa-Marie said...

Pixie, they were very yum!

Jules, at some point, when Scotland bound, you'll have to travel farther north and visit these places. We have sexy men in Dundee too :)

TS, It did not break, I moved it over as soon as I noticed how close to the edge it was! The place is chock full of crockery like that, lovely!

Lottie said...

Looks amazing and just the sort of place I would love to visit...I wish I lived near to Dundee!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Oh wow - that is such a beautiful place! And that coffee? Wow! Love it! Looks like a lovely place to have lunch or tea!!

amy b.s. said...

i am amazed at how people can make designs like that in coffee!

Joanna said...

I love the cup your tea is in, so pretty, and the traybake looks delicious! I am quite envious of the whole place x

Siobhan said...

We need to go there next time I am in Dundee.

Zoƫ {Conversation Pieces} said...

Oooh that does look like a place to go to! One for the list indeed :) Love the shot of you contemplating cake ;) Merry Christmas x

Spare Thoughts said...

Sounds like somewhere bloggingsix needs to visit!