Thursday, 17 November 2011

...a doctor's wife

Lots of things have happened since I last posted - our nephew turned one, as did our almost-niece (the daughter of one of my best friends), and work has been very good. Of all of the things that have happened, and of all the things that have happened this year, this is by far the best...

hooded, doffed and awarded.

That's my husband in the blue robe with the fur-trimmed hood, officially being made a Doctor of Engineering. Three years of  hard work, and long hours researching, two further of writing up and corrections, stress and worry and doubt, validated. I could not be more proud. I am off the scale proud.

from the Program of Proceedings

Dave's mum and grandfather attended with me, both bursting with pride, and his mum's partner was there beforehand and for the receptions afterwards. I had tears in my eyes as Dave walked across the stage, knowing he had the award he deserved and that it was DONE.

David Allan Hughes, Doctor of Engineering

After a few photos (it was, sadly, dark by the time Dave's 3 o'clock grad finished)...

Dave's mum, his grandfather, and Dr Hughes himself.

A celebratory drink

A bit pleased...

...and a few drinks,we went for a really lovely meal at the City Merchant, where we were joined by more family members. There was delicious food, whisky shaped gifts for Dave, speeches of pride and congratulations from Dave's grandfather, and rather touchingly, one in praise of me from Dave's mum.

Family meal, relaxed Dave!!

Afterwards, the grown-ups left to go home, and the after-party began. At Dave's favourite pub gathered the majority of our favourite people, and lots of fun and banter, and drinks, and ill-advised shots were had.

Hamlet or beard stroking - you decide (Dave and his brother Dan)

Dave holding court with the other Very Clever Scientists

Kind of sums up the whole day. :)

After a long and emotional day, we went home, via a takeaway as it seems a doctorate doesn't mean your drunken cravings for pakora go away...

Dan wanted a photo of Dave 'being awesome'. Dave looks
impressively sober. He is really, really not.

I would rather like, though I have said it many times since yesterday, to say congratulations again to my extremely clever, dedicated and hardworking husband. I KNEW you could do it and I am very, very proud of you.

Dr and Mrs Dave Hughes EngD. (WOOHOOO!)

Lots of love
Mrs Dr Dave Hughes   :)


mechanicalgirl said...

that was an amazing blog post, you almost made me cry!!!

I love you guys xx

Lauren said...

Congratulations Mrs. DR!

annelise said...

Oooh, the good doctor's wife, you! Congratulations to Dr Hughes, that is an amazing achievement!

Lisa E said...

Congrats, Dr. Hughes!

trashsparkle said...

that's so lovely! well done to dave, and what a brilliant day'n'night bash!!! love your jacket by the way, and love the proud-as-punch expression on dave's grandad's face in the outdoor pic.... awwwwwww! x

Siobhan said...

Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah!

SO SO SO happy for both of you and glad you got to celebrate it too!

last year's girl said...

This post made me weep. I love you guys so much.

jules said...

wow! congrats to your hubby!!! :)


Alison Cross said...


Well done Dr Dave! Now let the REAL Party of Life commence!!!

Dr and Mrs Hughes.....has a definite ring to it, LM!

Congratulations to you both!

Ali x

Lottie said...

Congratualtions to Dave! And to you!

amy b.s. said...

congratulations! how awesome!

Elizabeth said...

I love that first pic of Dave's Grandfather - he is positively beaming with pride. So cute!

Congratulations to Dr Hughes and well done to you too, I know what a difference an amazing and supportive partner can do to academic study.


Mathilde heart Manech said...

Congratulations to Dr. Hughes! Hurrah and well done to you too for being a lovely supportive wifo xx

Cass said...

MEGA congratulation

Evil Pixie said...

Woo-whoo, Dave! What a fantastic accomplishment! Fingers crossed it will soon be me too. Hmmm... I sure like the sound of Dr. Evil Pixie. :)

Lisa-Marie said...

Thank you all!

Lauren - takes one to know one :)

TS, the jacket was my mum's, vintage Next. I have a Biba one but I am afraid to wear it!

Lis, Love you too!

Ali, I think so. Dave asked if we could get those stickers for cards that have your name and address on saying 'Dr and Mrs D Hughes'. :)

EP, i'll be calling you DR. EP soon i think!

The Sentimental Suitcase said...

WOW this is amazing!!!! Congratualtions you two! What a long and amazing journey it must have been been for you both! Now you can reap the benfits, right?! ;)

Hazels Crochet said...

Such a lovely post! I am all proud of Dave :) x

Charlotte said...

What lovely photos, and a lovely blog

Must be cool to be a doctors wife! x

HannahB said...

Oh wow- Congratulations Dr Hughes! what an acheivement!!!