Sunday, 25 September 2011 organiser of books (30 before 30 update)

Before - not messy, but in no order.

I am just more than a month into my 29th year, and I have managed to cross one thing of my 30 before 30, and am sort of managing to upkeep a few continuing ones!

During - about the point where I thought 'well, this was a stupid idea'.

If you have a look on my page for it, you'll see that one shiny item,  number  22, is marked in red. My book shelves and book piles, are organise into hardback and paperbacks, The paperbacks are organised alphabetically and by genre. The hardback are just alphabetical, as there aren't enough to do otherwise. I have a Christmas book shelf (I collect them) and a kid's book shelf. I am very pleased. I am trying hard not to be bothered that books with the same design aren't grouped together. I also found there are a few books (classics) that I have more than one copy off, so the spares I think will go into the Guardian Book Swap.

Christmas books! (and shoes)
After... some of the hardbacks

After... top - non-fic hardbacks, middle - kids

Uber after... top - classics, 2nd -poetry, modern classics, crime
3rd, more crime, contemporary fiction
bottom - non-fic ( history, musci science), alcohol
side - chick lit.
I also did my cook books, which live under our coffee table and are rather wedged into the space. This was done in the evening of the day I made the cookies (in previous post), it was cold and windy and wet outside, so a good day for organising. I maybe shouldn't have started at 7pm though.

organised cookbooks.


Today is a similar sort of day, but has have little of this industriousness. Yesterday was a long day, after a night out (to see Great Cynics. who are BRILLIANT), a day made longer by our last bus back being almost two hours late (it was stuck behind a motorway accident), meaning we got home to Dundee at 3am. So today has been some tidying, lots of radio and a lot of sitting on the sofa, blog and cookbook reading, and now, patiently waiting for our very autumnal dinner of roast lamb and root vegetables to be ready.  I hope everyone had a good weekend?

The quality of these photos is awful. It is VERY hard to take good photos in autumn, inside, in the evening with a camera phone. Also, I have no idea why the last two photos have two borders. I'm just going to leave them there.


Miss E said...

Ooh I love a good organized book shelf! Mine are in alphabetical order by author's last name and then ordered by year of first publication. It's an art, really! How are you finding the Sophie dahl cookbooks? I picked one up the other day but didn't end up buying it. Love to know what you think!

annelise said...

A few months ago, I organised my bookshelves by the book's colour! Obviously, I have too much time on my hands. You may have inspired me to re-organise ...

Spare Thoughts said...

Yay for a clear out and well organised book shelves. Well done for powering through that "oh my god what are we doing" stage

Linsey said...

Well done on the organisation! Would you consider starting on my house??

The Sentimental Suitcase said...

Holy Macaroni Girl! You have a lot of books! I'm so jealous. When I finally settle down in one place I hope to get a great bookshelf and fill that bugger up!

Hey how are the Sophie Dahl cookbooks? Worth the buy?


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I have thought about organizing my books, but it's too overwhelming... I have 5 book shelves and they are so disorganized. The top shelf of each book shelf holds books i haven't read, though... Yes, I have 5 shelves of unread books... I know, I have a problem...

Some day I would like to tackle the task of organizign them, but I think I will save it for a snowy day!

Siobhan said...

Excellent work. I love an organised book shelf and firmly believe in shoes on shelves as anyone who enters my office soon finds out.

I now want to reorganise our books...

This may be the new plan for the weekend.

amy b.s. said...

yay for organization!

Lisa-Marie said...

For those who asked, I love the Sophie Dahl cookbooks - I like the aesthetic of them, the design is nice and homely, they are chunky, the recipes are all stuff I want to eat, and it's organised by season. They are just lovely.

I so love that everyone is as excited by organised bookshelves as me!

Miss E - that is an excellent method! If read in order you could see the progression of the authors work. Hmm, I amy have to re-order slightly.

Annelise, that was my other option. I so love a ranbow of books, but the lack of alphabetisation would actually eat away at me. I applaud you!

ST, You were my personal cheerleader. :)

Linsey, can I finish mine first, and them yes please?! I love a good organise!

SS, I do have a lot of books. this is about half of them and there are various hardback piles not shown. They are the thing I love most and I am TERRIBLE at getting rid of them. Even crap ones.

Lisa, only do it if you have a couple of days and some wine. I have one book shelf here and various quite big piles. It took 4 hours!

Siobhan, be prepared to find you have doubles of stuff. I have seen your shelf, it has shoes!!:)

Amy, YAY!

Sara said...

Oh this reminds me, I better get digging for my xmas cookery books asap!

Lindsay Jewell said...

Haha, so... after I graduated college, I decided that my books were in serious need of organization, but the task was completely overwhelming because I get a little OCD about the way things are arranged. Anyway, I kinda threw my hands up in the air one evening and, like annelise, organized my books by color on one shelf, and then turned all of my books facing inward on another. Maybe I'll get around to arranging them good and proper someday...

Alison Cross said...

Very well organised *round of applause*

Mine are all over hte place. Tartarus keeps 'tidying' them away, which means that they get dumped in a drawer or cupboard and I don't see them until I am looking for my driving licence.....and then I think - ahaaa! THAT'S where he put it. Then I promptly forget where it was that I saw it *gettingbrainfoggedatmyage*

Ali x

Elizabeth@rosalilium said...

Oh! Now you have reminded of what I have been putting off for ages. Damnit. Your organised books are far to inspiring, missus!

*rolls up sleeves and prepares to tackle mountain of books*

KatGotTheCream said...

Wow, good work, well done! Want to come over and do mine too??

Lauren said...

you're making me miss all of my books! I had to give away almost all of them when I moved to the UK, now all we've got are Aidan's philosophy books & crime novels (what will people think?).

Gaynor {Our Day by Design} said...

We just sort of did the same; we moved our big bookcase into the living room and therefore had to take everything off to sort; we also emptied our small bookcase so it can become babies so we had to fit it all into one!

We donated a lot of our books to oxfam but the ones we kept we attempted to organise by type (cooking, travel, work, hardback, paperback etc); not quite alphabetical though!