Sunday, 4 September 2011 things I've Pinned! (Baked Doughnuts) and having a quiet weekend.

This weekend has been one of trying to get better, and doing quiet, homely things. I slept late, and spent the remainder Saturday looking through cookery books for autumn meals, reading a little, eating spicy soup and catching up on blogs trying to make doughnuts....

Recipe foraging and ginger tea
Accidental Bready-Scones

... it seems that if you try to make doughnuts, forget to put the milk in, and throw some water in when the dough doesn't bind, you get slightly bready scones. I checked with my American food advisor, and it seems that what I made is akin to an American biscuit. We'll call them bready-scones just now though.

Sunday started earlier - at my normal weekend get up time. I get up at 10 am, have a cup of tea, potter, get breakfast things ready, have a wee look on the internet, and Dave gets up about 11. Today, I made my cup of tea, and whilst the tea bag was steeping, I put together another batch of doughnut dough. A bit more pottering, a lunch of toast and cheese, starting a pot of broth, and a chapter of my book. 

I stamped out the doughnuts, setting them on their tray for a final rise, and Dave and I went for a walk in the park - there I did today's drawing (number 12 on my 30 Before 30 list, which now has it's own page up yonder ^). From this very quick, very rough, quite frankly not very good outline drawing, I have had a couple of ideas. for bigger stuff. Let's hope that keeps happening!

A wee doodle - lone man on a park bench
My favourite very quick drawing this week - from Wednesday,
Dave's desk with my teacup. Dave was away for work.
My phone is broken, I'm using Dave's old Blackberry, and I have stupidly deleted the picture of my stamped out doughnuts, waiting to rise. We spent an hour at the park, first wandering round the winding paths and taking photos, then sitting on a bench while I drew and Dave wrote. When we got back, into the oven went the doughnuts.

How many times have I mentioned the doughnuts now then?! I was really craving a doughnut yesterday. I fully intended to make fried ones, but we have an electric hob, in a corner of a small flat, and I got the fear. Putting hot, hot oil into that situation just seemed like a BAD PLAN. I have a fried and a baked doughnut recipe Pinned, so this is sort of a combination of the two (that counts as cooking something I've Pinned, right? I need to do this for my 30 too!) and my need for cinnamon and apple flavouring. I also did two kinds of coating, for experimental purposes.

Baked Doughnuts
(Adapted from recipes by Tartelette and Joy the Baker)

Left :Apple and cinnamon glazed, right - sugar coated

10g fast action yeast
2 tbsp warm water
500g self raising flour
100mls milk (room temp)
80mls apple juice, room temp
50g butter softened
2 large egg yolks
4 tbsp sugar
1tsp salt
1tbsp cinnamon  (yeah, that's about 6 times as much as the recipe says. 'Mon the cinnamon!)

Sugar Coating
100g butter
150g sugar mixed with 15g cinnamon on plate

Cinnamon Apple Glaze
100g icing sugar
2tbsp apple juice
1tsp cinnamon
  • Mix together yeast and hot water and let sit 5 mins or so, till it bubbles
  • put everything in a bowl, inc yeast mixture, and mix with a wooden spatula till combined
  • finish bringing together with hands and knead till dough is elastic
  • cover bowl with a tea towel, and set in a warm, dry place till dough has doubled - 1.5 to 2 hours
  • after  hours, knock back dough and roll out till about 1cm thick. using a circular cutter (mine is 3 inches) cut out doughnut. Realise you don't have a cutter small enough to do the holes, and do it with an Irn Bru bottle lid. 
  • Place on a tray that has been every so lightly dusted with flour, and cover with a tea towel again. Do a wee tray for the doughnut holes too.
  • cover with a tea towel and set aside for 45 mins (or 2 and a half hours as i did today).
  • when you are ready to bake, preheat the oven to 180c
  • bake doughnuts for 10 mins.
  • each topping about will do 6 to 8 doughnuts, just double if you ar American food advisore sticking to one.
To coat with sugar
  • While baking is going on, melt butter.
  • AS SOON AS you remove doughnuts from oven and can touch them, coat all the sides of each in butter, and then in sugar mixture to coat.
To coat with cinnamon apple glaze
  • mix all the glaze ingredients in bowl till smooth and just coating back of a spoon.
  • take doughnuts from oven, and dunk each one fully in mixture (stir mixture between each to disperse cinnamon)
  • leave to cool
  • dunk again, leave to set, and then spoon a last (should now be thickened) dollop on top.
These are good doughnuts. They aren't as fluffy as ones baked in oil, they are a little heavier, but they taste lovely. The come out of the oven with a slight crust (like a browned scone), and it's important to do the butter/icing while they are still warm, as it softens this up a bit. The apple addition gives them a bit of freshness, and the could take even more cinnamon, but these could equally be left out and a bit of vanilla essence could be added if you want something more simple. These were worth the work, they would have been perfect if fried, and it was very, very satisfying making them myself!


Jules said...

hmm, I'm a bit lazy and can't be bothered to make doughnuts, but they look yummy!!

oh and I love your drawings too!!


Hannah said...

those doughnuts are making me hungry and this is not good for 10pm on a Sunday evening. They look so yummy mmmmmm

Bow Dream Nation xx

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I am super impressed by the fact that you made donuts! They look just delicious!

Also, there are so many words you use that I want to steal. Like "Ace" which I have started to use. And "Potter". Adorable. I have language envy. ;)

Hazel said...

Those doughnuts look yummy! and I like your wee drawings too :)

conversationpieces said...

LM, I salute you and your awesome donut making skills! (And your accidental american biscuit making skills too!!) :)

amy b.s. said...

this is absolutly something i hope to do with my obsessive food pinning. thanks for the inspiration to actually make some of these things! said...

Mmmm your doughnuts sound & look lovely! Have never tried to make them myself! Your drawings are brill as well x

grace said...

i have never had an apple cinnamon glazed donut, and that's the travesty of all travesties! nice work, lisa-marie!

Sara said...

Oh those apple and cinnamon ones *drool* so glad I found this blog, just the kind of thing I've been looking for, Oh and thank you for your comments over at

Victoria said...

Sounds like a lovely Sunday and I like the idea of looking for Autumn recipes :) The doughnuts look yummy too! xxx

Gaynor {Our Day by Design} said...

I like the sound of baked doughnuts; maybe have to give them a try; they looked delicious!