Friday, 15 July 2011

...on holiday, pt 1 (Tall Ships Festival)

Tall Ships

The family I work for are away on their summer holidays, so this week is effectively mine. It's the first time this year it has really felt like summer for me, and so far it has been full of brillaint things. A couple of months back, Dave's band were confirmed as one of the acts for the Tall Ships Festival, which was held this year in Greenock, one of Dave's 'hometowns'. Dave played on Saturday. The weather was glorious, trains were jam packed with people coming down, and they whole place had a really good atmosphere. After a bit of a wild goose chase (and a golf buggy ride!) we got our artist passes, and the fun began - the boys played an ace set in an enormous and history filled venue - the Sugar Sheds, the crowd were responsive, people danced and clapped. All of Dave's local family and a few of our friends came, including our wee nephew, wearing massive noise block headphones.  I managed to sneak behind the stage and get a quick crowdshot. We had beer , cider, and hotdogs. In the evening, we had a family tea at Dave's parents, talking into the night and having some quite heated discussions about the recent furore over the press.
DH & theRFPB (by Alan Hughes)

The band doing their thing. (They like hats!) Look at all the people!

Sunday began with one of Dave's Dad's epic cooked breakfasts, the decision to ingore our wilderness of a garden and spend another days at the festival. Wandering, ice cream, more wandering, beer, very expensive chips, owls!, a Blues Bothers style band, and a walk around one of the Tall Ships were followed by another family meal, a lovely curry, much tea and more chat. We went to bed exhausted, full of food and tea, and content. (quite a few close ups of boat things below)


mast. so tall my we camera couldn't fit it all in.

pulleys - my favourite photo from the boat.

rope coils



no entry...

...unless you are one of these people

massive metal bobbin things - these are chair-size

chain going into bowls of the boat- links bigger than my hand.

rope coil


central mast ropes.

Dave on deck.
Memories are made of things like this. ;)


Julia said...

aww, I heard about this on Reporting Scotland and MFR! Looks like you had a great time, gorgeous photos (and am pleased the weather held out for you!)

Julia @ Retro Jules

Siobhan said...

So glad you are hvaing fun!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Oh cool! What a fun festival - and how dcool that Dave's bankd got to play at it! Looks like you had/are having a fabulous holiday. Those pictures are amazing. I have never been close to a ship that big!!!

Hazel said...

It sounds like you and Dave had a good time, I had seen it advertised in various places.. I must say, I like some of your photographs ^_^


Evil Pixie said...

Fun! We have some tall ships arriving here this weekend. Thinking about taking the Household to see them, and now that I've seen your photos - we're going!

Lisa E said...

SO cool! Love your pics! I wish I could own my own clipper ship, but where would I put it? :-)

annelise said...

Fantastic! Could you imagine having to climb up one of those masts? Bugger that for a joke.

Looks like a fun weekend. I love how close you got to the owl! How gorgeous is he?!

Alison Cross said...

Lots of people from here went over for it. We were on our way home from Isle of Man and stopped off in Glasgow. Apparently the traffic in Greenock was HORRENDOUS as a result! Two hours to get from Wemyss Bay to Greenock!

Saw lots of photos, but yours are excellent! Glad the gig was a success :-)

Ali x

Spare Thoughts said...

I'm so pleased that you are having a wonderful holiday. The ships were stunning - some of the drunken yobs not so much.

I LOVE ROPE COILS - sorry couldn't help myself.

grace said...

thanks for sharing your pictures, lisa-marie! i love the look of owls, although i do tend to doubt their sagacity... :)

Becky said...

Hadn't heard of Tall Ships Festival but sounds awesome! Just got back from Latitude so feeling festival withdrawal symptoms, just booked for Field Day to compensate.

Lisa-Marie said...

Julia, it was ace! Where do you watch Reporting Scotland?!

Siobhan, tons of fun!

Lisa D, it was a bit epic. There were loads of the boats, and the Festival location changes each year - maybe something to work into your next FRANCE TRIP?

Hazel, that is a BIG compliment coming from you!

Pixie, you MUST go look! it is so fun and you can't imagine the scale till you are on them!

Lisa E, in your marina of course! :D

Annelise, as we walked along the waterside, i heard someone say 'look at those to guys climbing the mast' for his girlfriend to reply in a very clipped tone ' i think you'll find they are GIRLS'. It was funny. Even the top deck felt quite high up! Apparently the owls are V standoffish. Very pretty though.

Ali, traffic was horrific - the main road from before Bogston to the McDonalds on Greenock waterfront was closed, so it was carnage. there were lots of extra trains which helped a bit.

R, we refer to that as ' a bit of local flavour'. It wasn't too bad when we left, but i think you went down later and people were getting a bit rowdy by then! I LOVE ROPE COILS TOO!


Becky, it goes all over Europe, it's the end of a big tall ships race. I am a bit festivalled out after two in a week!

Gaynor {Our Day by Design} said...

The ships look amazing; G wanted to go back to Shetland to see them when they were going to be there but didnt get a chance; I forgot to check where else they would be!

Love your pics too!