Wednesday, 29 June 2011

...a lady who lunches

Welcoming entryway

On Saturday, before going to A Dizzy Girl's quite frankly spectacular wedding reception with a few other bloggers(which I'll let her tell you about, not spoilers here), I met my not-so-little little sister and my auntie in Glasgow for a celebratory lunch. Did I mention my sister is about to graduate with a 1st? She's a smart cookie!

Chandeliers, stairs, crockery everywhere

Hazel book as a table in the newly opened upstairs room of The Butterfly and Pig Tea Rooms. I've been in before, and Dave and I had our engagement party in The Butterfly and Pig's bar, so this is a place I am already quite fond of. This visit has only added to my appreciation of the place.
Plates, and very Scottish paintings!

Walls with mismatched paintings, chandeliers, plate displays. Cabinets loaded with mismatched china. Cornicing, fireplaces, sweeping staircases, an assortment of wooden chairs. If I lived in a Victorian house, it would look very much like these tearooms! The staff are lovely helpful, and not too intrusive, and the atmosphere is homely and comfortable, but still a wee bit grand.

The very large fireplace in our small room

We each had a cream tea, and they were wonderful. The basic elements of a cream tea were there - steaming hot tea, sandwiches, scones and cakes. The sandwiches however, rather than being dainty little ones, were hearty and generously filled - chicken and bacon, chicken salad, cucumber, but with cm thick cream cheese, ham and mustard- on home-made bread. The scones were big and light, filled with cherries and heaped with rhubarb jam and cream. The cakes were flavourful, dense, and icing topped. Add to this steaming hot tea, oatcakes with salmon and cheese and plum chutney, and cucumber pickles and you have happy people.

Cherry Scones with rhubarb jam, chocolate slice, coconut cake,
jam filled cupcake, banana loaf with coffee icing
lovely chunky sandwiches(and crockery!)!

I should explain that the thing I was most impressed with, I didn't actually eat! My auntie is Coeliac, which means she can't have gluten or wheat. When Hazel booked, they asked about dietary requirements, and having explained, we went feeling sure they would have at least gotten some bread so that my auntie could have a sandwich, and maybe made a cake. When Hazel and  I ordered our Afternoon tea, my aunt tentatively mentioned that the she was Coeliac, and was promptly offered an afternoon tea of her own. She got the same fillings we had on home-made gluten free bread, three kinds of cake, wheat free crackers, and the same extras we had. Having frequently gone to places with her where she could have maybe one thing for the menu, it was an utter delight to see her given more options than she could actually eat.

Auntie's gluten free cream tea, with
three kinds of cake and pickles!
 We sat, we chatted, we drank tea, we ate. We marvelled at the artwork and the beautiful fireplace in the wee four table room. We ate a bit more, and we realised we weren't going to be able to finish. It's a sad thing, the thought of leaving cake. We didn't have to though, as we were given the cake we couldn't eat to take home. Another rather generous touch I think. We left with our little bags of goodies, full-tummied, happy, and saying we would definitely be back!


Julia said...

Gorgeous photos! I adore cream / afternoon teas, one reason why I'm not willing to go vegan!! hehe! x

annelise said...

This looks lovely! I love places like this, where I can pretend I'm a bit fancier than I really am :)

mechanicalgirl said...

That sounds amazing, how much do I want to go there for tea? A lot would be the answer.

Evil Pixie said...

Very cool. Those foodie photos make me hungry. Blasted diet!

trashsparkle said...

It all looks gorgeous - the food, the plates and the decor. How lovely of them to go the extra mile with the gluten-free goodies too. How on earth did you stagger off to a wedding reception after that spread? I'd have been bagging a sofa for a siesta! x

mathildeheartmanech said...

I am now very hungry and its 1am! This does not bode well.
Oh to have afternoon tea like that every week! xx

Alison Cross said...

oh this looks VERY tasty and excellent news that they handed your auntie's situation so well!!!

Ali x

Siobhan said...

I want to go there - it looks incredible!

Lisa-Marie said...

Julia, next time you visit the west of Scotland, you should go!

Annelise, that is definitely one of it's charms :)

Julie, you should go!!

Pixie, diets a pants. BUT WELL DONE for sticking to it!

TS, We had lunch at 2 and the wedding was at 7.30, so I'd walked it off. I danced and ate and drank and everything. It's the Scottish way :)

Lisa, I'm sorry! But, I'll have a turn to be host later in the year, and we can go if you want?

Ali and Siobhan, we should all go when you can both be in Glasgow? The pub downstairs does cocktails and live music...

amy b.s. said...

looks like quite the fantastic little outing!

grace said...

i've never attended a proper tea party or sipped tea out of a delicate dish or eaten a tea cake. my life is sad in that respect, yes? :)

Elizabeth@rosalilium said...

awesomeness! I love the idea of this. even though, I probably would not eat most of this.

Charis said...

Looks absolutely delish!

TK said...

this is just awesome......and lets face it in this day there is absolutely no excuse for a poor show for people with special dietary requirements - I say this cafe gets a HUGE thumbs up!! TK xx

Spare Thoughts said...

Was lovely to see you - hugs

Gaynor {Our Day by Design} said...

Looks lovely, will have to try the tea room sometime! Was lovely to see you both later too!