Saturday, 28 May 2011

... spending Saturday sewing.

This morning, I purposely got up very early for a Saturday. On the way home from work on Thursday, I notice a lovely sewing box on legs and with ornate hinges in the window of the charity shop round the corner from our flat. I am at work for the whole time the shop is open, so I was hoping, HOPING it would still be there. 

Yes, I Have floral tools. Makes DIY more fun. :)

And it was! Isn't it lovely? It's edges are all dove-tailed, so I think it may be hand made. It was a bargain at £5. Look at those hinges! I am considering painting it red and giving it new handles. Fay suggested lining the drawers with felt, which I will definitely do, but what do you think of it being painted? opinion seems to be divided so far.

Having gotten home and admired my sewing box (I keep walking past it, and opening and closing it, eliciting a 'you could put stuff in it you know' from Dave), and done some housework *yawn* I set to my next task of the day. The tension on my sewing machine has been wonky for months. Normal methods of adjusting it did nothing to sort it, and I was almost ready to throw the machine out of the window after my 3 hr attempt last time. I sat down to deal with it, and miraculously had it working after half an hour.

My first task with my newly functioning machine was to finish the cafetiere cosy I made for Dave. Despite measuring everything, it's a little to short, but it will do the trick I think. As Dave is the coffee drinker, I used nice manly dark grey t-shirt material. He seems pleased with it.

I was aiming for a sunburst effect with the quilting.
It is moderately successful!

Next, I  paid some attention to the sewing box I already owned. It was a gift from Dave's mum, and is perfectly functional, but after a few years, I have gotten a bit bored of the fabric covering the lid section.

A couple of section of fabric, some embroidery and a few sewn on buttons do a lot for it I think! It's far from perfect, but it will do for me. 

I haven't done much sewing since Christmas time, and I am glad to have jumped back in! I hope everyone is having a good Saturday :).


mechanicalgirl said...

i love the sewing box and think you should leave it as is :)

love the cover for daves coffee too! xxx

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

i can't believe it was only 5 euro! That is impmressive

Nice work on the coffee cover. Or cozy as we tend to refer to them in my neck of the woods. You are so crafty/talented!

Lisa-Marie said...

J-Witch (that's your new name FIY), I may leave it and just put some felt in to catch needles and things. and maybe a wee pincushion on one of the lids?

Lisa, I know! I feel like a skilful thrifter for once! Thank you! We say cosy too. I might investigate knitting ones for mugs next!

Miss Moopette said...

Red red red!! Definitely paint it red!! And love your new cover for your sewing box too. Looks very nice indeed.

Siobhan said...

I'm in the leave it as is camp, but do think some lining would be good for catching pins.

I love your floral tools and really like the coffee cosy.

mechanicalgirl said...

j-witch? you're crazy woman x a wee cheeky red polka dot pin cushion would be awesome :)!

trashsparkle said...

I'll swing the vote back in favour of you painting it red. To go with your revamped red sewing box lid. It would be fab in gloss...

Nice work with the coffee warmer - a happy coffee drinker he'll be!

grace said...

impressive! i can totally see you pausing every time you pass by your new box and just admiring your handiwork. :)

Fay said...

I love that sewing box so much. So glad you leapt back in to sewing, bet you will have itching sewing fingers every day now!! X

Cass said...

coffee warmer looks amazing- could tell it was too short. Very cool, or hot rather!!

Lisa-Marie said...

Kate, Thank you! I am sooooo tempted.

Siobhan, the told we are gift. inside the handle of the hammer is ever decreasing screwdrivers! it's ace.

J, polka-dots! :)

TS, A nice dark red high gloss lacquer is what I was thinking, and maybe wee silver handles.

Grace, it sits next to my seat on the sofa. I have a peep over the arm every so often!

Fay, I DO have the itch. I am going to do a bit more sewing today - hot water bottle covers. you'd think unseasonal, but it's cold here.

Cass, thank you! I felt bad that I have a tea cosy, and his coffee is left to go cold!

Alison Cross said...

Excellent purchase there missy! And excellent work on the existing box - and caftiere cozy too.

I loaned my friend my sewing machine and she kept it for a YEAR...and there was a screw missing when it came back, the tension is all to hell and I've got NO idea how to fix it.

There must be some sort of Sewing Machine Tension Fixing video on Youtube. I must check *sweeps out of room*

Ali x

Lisa-Marie said...

Ali, I swear to something, mine was SO CLOSE to just being lobbed out the window. There must be one on Youtube, you are right. I fear it will say 'persevere and don't throw it out the window' though. Thank you. I am trying to make thing that are at least a bit useful!

Becky said...

Very industrious! Love the sewing box, not sure on painting it, maybe if you left it then made sure the lining was brightly coloured - guessing the lining would be easier to change too if you got bored.

TK said...

oh that sweet sewing box...glad you got it!! TK xx

Gaynor {Our Day by Design} said...

Ah I love the box; I could so do with one for all my crafty stuff! I love the idea of painting it and adding new handles plan, as well as lining the dawers. Why not I say!

p.s I have some girlie screwdrivers too!