Sunday, 7 March 2010

...a week in pictures - week 7


Monday was a work day, and a good one, of walks, and visiting fabric shops, and baking. The beautiful garden above is just inside the gates of East House, which I posted a picture of the gate of last week. The woman who lives there with her family tends this garden herself! I am is complete awe of her skills!


I did very little on Tuesday, but I did go for a walk, and saw the first signs of spring! I love snowdrops!


Another lovely work day, and in the evening, some yummy food and Dave printing off the first of two copies of his Doctoral thesis. I am VERY proud of him. He submitted it for examination this morning, which is a big milestone in his academic career!


On Thursday at work, I spend most of the time cooking, as I only have the mini-est of my kiddies then, and she had a doctors appointment, and also sleeps for 3 hours a day! I made lots of bread, and I took a picture of the yeast box, as I love how vintage it looks in design!


This was travel to Paisley so that the men could rip out our ceiling day. Above is a picture of my day's entertainment. In the evening, we had tea with my sister and brother-in-law!


You can read about my Saturday here.


On Sunday, we drove back from Paisley to Dundee in the early afternoon. It was a glorious day, actually warm enough to wear a T-shirt! Hello Spring! When we got home, Dave printed copy of thesis 2, and packed for going on tour (which he is setting of for from Glasgow right about now). The bridge above is on the way out of Glasgow. It is a train bridge, often high speed freight trains cross it, and the top part holds part of the weight. I love that it looks so geometric and sturdy. And look at that blue, blue sky!

So how was your week?


Serena Cowdy said...

Your snowdrops photograph really made me smile - thank you for sharing spring with us!

(it seems to be taking its sweet time to arrive down here :))

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

That garden is awesome! We don't have gardens like that in the states - at least not in my area! So it's a treat to see a picture of one! Makes me wish I lived somewhere with gardens like that. :)

Congrats to Dave for handing in the thesis. That is a HUGE accomplishment!