Monday, 22 March 2010

... some thoughts.

...on the lack of 'A week in pictures'
As you may or may not have noticed, I didn't do a week a pictures last week. I'm not going to be able to do it this week, because I haven't taken enough photos. When I started, I wanted to improve my photography skills, and it has since become more of a snapshot diary, which wasn't my intention. I've worked out that I perhaps want to look at a topic each week, or specific objects, or colours so that there is a continuing theme, and from today, I'm going to start again. For now though, I do have two photos I am happy with from the last couple of weeks!

Barn In Kinross-shire. It looked lke something from The Wizard of Oz!

Frank Turner(and band), Edinburgh Picture House -
Love the colour the lighting gave me in this one!

...on the last week
This week I've worked 3 days, gone to two gigs(Frank Turner an Christ T-T), stayed up all night watching scary films with my friends, found a better waffle recipe than my last one, spent 16 hours on public transport, eaten alot of junk-food and not slept very much.

...on art
I seem to have lost my arts and crafts mojo again. To try to end this, I've signed up for Claire's Pincushion Swap, In which I'e been paired with the lovely Annie. I'm also going to get some new watercolours, as I'e been using super cheap ones, and I am not getting into it at all. The coming month will be the month of the watercolour.

I have this week off work as holidays, and am quite honestly hoping to not do much. I will be starting another day per week of work soon in an exciting new venture of a friend of mine, and 4 days including getting up at the crack of dawn will be tiring, though entirely worth it! To get a good start with that and a good run at work again, I will be suing this as 'down time'. I need to sleep for whole nights, eat properly, and get myself back to being completely healthy!

If anyone has any suggestions for themes I could use for photography, I'd be delighted to hear them!


Serena Cowdy said...

Exciting about the photography - I'm really looking forward to watching your portfolio grow!

Re: ideas... the following is wildlife-specific (as that's what my photography is mostly about) but could be tried by anyone:

Basically chart the progress of the seasons on camera. So, every month try to get really good photos of wild plants/birds/animals that are getting busy at that particular time.

Eg March = crocus and snowdrops, April = frogs and bluebells, etc.

This sort of thing gives you a naturally different focus every month, and gets you fitter too, because you're pottering in the great outdoors :).

babyandwool said...

Hello! Thank you for all your lovely comments on my new blog. I've got a way for you to get your arts and crafts mojo back and it is in the form of crochet! Once you get the hang of it you will quickly become obsessed- I dreamt about it the other night! I could do a tutorial but the Meet Me at Mike's one is so good that I'll direct you there. It's for making granny squares which you can make individually and sew together to make a blanket or just keep on going to make one giant granny square blanket. The first step is here and it directs you on from there:
Fay x

grace said...

i love old barns, but it always saddens me when they reach the falling-down point. that's a lovely shot.
meanwhile, as someone who either never had one or permanently lost hers, i hope you find your artsy mojo and soon. :)

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

That barn does look very Wizard of Oz like!

Take care of yourself and get some rest. Can't wait to hear more about this new venture with you friend.

Get some rest!!

Lisa-Marie said...

Serena, that is a brilliant plan! I reckon I will do a photo post at the end of each month featuring flora and fauna.

Fay, thank you very much! I am very much enjoying your blog! Husband and I have discussed it, and I shall be getting some crochet things on payday!

Grace, it makes me a bit sad too, but what you can't see in the pciture is that there is a house next to it that is in full working order, and that the other side of the barn is completely ok and in use.

Lisa, I knew you would see the Oz! I have done next to nothing but read and watch TV all week so far.

Laura @ EdenRose said...

wow that really is something from wizard of oz!! thanks for the shepards crook tip, i would never have thought of that, you're a genius! Thanks X
ps, 16 hours on public transport? that is hard going, poor you :(