Sunday, 28 March 2010

... a day at the beach, or how you can have a day out without it costing anything.

This week is the 'no money because it's the end of the month' week for Dave and I. Yesterday, for free entertainment, we walked to Broughty Ferry, a little seaside town (4 miles!!)outside Dundee and back. I took loads of photos in an attempt to get my photography mojo back, and it worked a little bit.

We walked along the esplanade there

Brought Ferry Pier

View from Esplanade

Brought Castle (and some branchy stuff)

Then walked along the beach in the very strong wind

Dave on his lonesome- this is my favourite of the photos

Beach stuff

We spent a while trying to find a not very windy spot to eat our picnic lunch (jam sandwiched and oatcakes with Crowdie), somewhat unsuccessfully!

Beach bridge - aren't they cool?

Picnic - looks sparse, but this way we only had to make
sure one thing didn't blow away!

And then there was the walk home

Dave found this big stick leaning against the sand bridge.
We like to think someone left it there for the next person
to walk along the beach with, so we left it

Castle from the outskirts of the Ferry

A long walk home. we live up a huge hill, near the boatyard you can see.
You can also see the huge rain-clouds. We got home before it rained properly though!

As I type, I'm sitting on our bed, with Dave beside me, also on his laptop! We've spent the late morning and early afternoon watching things on iplayer, and I've been reading Nick Hornby (whilst Dave listens to Springsteen which is very appropriate). Clearly, you really can have a very nice weekend for free! I'm off to make some more tea, and read some more, but do leave me stories of you weekends, and of your favourite free things to do.


Fay said...

Oh how jealous am I?! I wish I lived that close to the beach. Good work on the photos, I love how vivid the blue sky is against the grass on the dunes. Also love the doily use in your picnic. Free weekends are the best! We went to a wedding yesterday in London and had a roast and an after lunch walk today x x

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I am jealous that you live close to such beautiful landscape! There is nothing like a walk on the beach & a picnic!!

I am trying to do as much free stuff as I can these days, too. I have some changes on my horizon so need to become a bit more frugal for awhile until my income gets back to a more comfortable level - so I am also practicing frugality.

shamazipan said...

Oh that looks lovely! Your picnic equipment is very posh. When I go on a picnic everything is stuffed into a tesco carrier bag!

This weekend I visited my sister and my mum bought me a sandwich from Greggs. Today my sister took me to Frankie and Benny's. My favourite free thing to do? Get other people to buy me lunch!

Annie said...

Wow - great pics - particularly loving the beach bridges - those are amazing! We went for a forest walk with dog child, new Hello Kitty bike and helmet and picnic lunch in tow. I had judged the sky clouds and wind before we left. I got it horribly wrng and we ended up sheltering under a copse of Pine trees on Kinross Golf Club!!! We still giggled our way through it and kept most of the picnic for when we got home an indoor picnic on the living room floor.

grace said...

i'm fairly sure that your little excursion is better than most things money can buy! :)

Kelly said...

I love hiking or just walking in beautiful places- as well as free wine tastings.

I love your pictures, so beautiful!

Carmie, the Single Nester said...

What gorgeous photos! I do love the beach. Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog about Palm Crosses!

Body Bag Girl said...

Looks like a lovely day! I tagged you for summat on the journal btw luv :)

Alison Cross said...

Hi Lisa-Marie

Love your photos - especially the beach bridges. Very flowing and not at all 'bridgy'!

It can be a bit of a mixed blessing living 'away your holidays' as my mum calls it. But you seem to have it nailed - picnics and photography expeditions!

I just walk along the freezing beach with my snot tripping me. I must try to work your mojo next time I'm there ;-)

Ali x

Lisa-Marie said...

Ladies, you make me feel extremely popular!

Fay, thank you! Your weekend sounds lovely! Did the wee one enjoy it?

Lisa D, you must visit me one day! We are trying very hard not to spend all of our money. It's really tricky sometimes!

Sharon, fancy lunch in the next couple of weeks? My treat ;)

Annie, Kinross has a weather system all of it's own it seems! Indoor picnics are wonderful things!

Grace, I think so!

Kelly, do tell me more about the wine tasting, that sounds like my kind of walk!

Carmie, than you so much, and you are welcome :)

Cowdy, I must admit, I have problems with enforced frugality! In some ways, I am very frugal, but I like it to e by choice. Also,any praise of photos is a huge compliment coming from you!

Steph, thank you my dear! I am in the midst of writing my post, it will be up tomorrow!

Ali, pleased to have you visiting! Let me assure you it was frickin freezing and windy - note that there are no photos of me!

HannahB said...

wow what a GORGEOUS beach Lisa Marie! (I keep wanting t call you LM- would that be rude?)

i would love to live so close to a lovely little beach like that.

Have a lovely weekend! my favourite things to do at the weekend are bake things, read, write and go for walks. Board games are also always better than you think theyre gona be!

conversationpieces said...

What fab pics!! Hard to believe the weather considering how foul it's been this week! Looks like such a great way to spend a weekend :)

Becky said...

Your pics have totally made me want to head to the nearest beach! In Norfolk with my parents for the Easter weekend and may be heading to the Suffolk coast tomorrow, weather dependent - fingers crossed!

Lisa-Marie said...

Hannah, you can call me whatever yo want my dear! Your favourite things are very similar to mine. :)

Zoe, I know! what is going on with the weathers? Go away snow! I'm in Paisley now, and it's quite sunny. Hurrah!

Becky, I hoe the weather is as nice there as it is here, and I look forward to hearing about your beach adventure! Also, I love Norfolk!