Wednesday, 31 March 2010

... 10 bits of stuff about me!

I have been tagged by the lovely Steph - who is the wife of Dave's drummer, and has become my really life friend - and so I must think of ten things to tell you about myself. Here goes!

1. when people are coming to visit me, I like the sort of ritual of setting out things for tea or dinner, and making things ready. Partly, this is because I like things to look nice, and partly it's because I worry about having time to do things, and like to do all I can before there are people there watching me. My freind May laughed a little when she came to visit when I had flu, because even though I could barely move, I'd set everything out nicely.

2. For a while there lost the attention span required for reading. In the whole of February, I didn't actually finish a book. I was beginning to worry, but fortunately my attention span has returned, and I have three books on the go at the moment.

3.I've never had chickenpox, and am slightly worried that I might be about to get them, as one of my nannying charges had them last week, and the other has them now. I realise I should try to have them before I have kids, but I do not relish it.

4. I am relatively well read, but I don't think I will ever manage to read all of the books I think I should.

5. My left hand thumb is about a cm bigger than my right hand one. It looks weird.

6. I will be starting a new job soon, in addition to nannying. I am very excited about it, I will be doing arts and crafts (with a literacy slant) with re-school children as part of Vonnie's new venture - A craft show with lessons for adults and children (and cakes).

7. I am going to learn to crochet this month.

8. I was a month and a half premature when I was born, and spent a month in an incubator.

9. I don't think there are many things that are more satisfying than toast and tea.

10. I applied recently to work as a voluntary mentor for Action for Children, and I really hope I am chosen!

Part of this thing is that I'm supposed to pass it on, so, I'd like to learn 10 thing about everyone who commented on my last post - You all know who you are!


Fay said...

Ooh I like the new look of your blog. I also like the sound of your new job, I don't think that a job could get better than craft and cake! Thanks for sharing your 10 things , I love being nosey!!

mechanicalgirl said...

Im really enjoying crocheting, if you need a hand please ask.

Annie said...

ooo rhubarb rock - me lovie!!! And apparently you can have a natural immunity to chicken pox - so you might never get it. I keep rubbing my 3 year old daughter on people who have it and she hasn't developed it yet...

jane said...

Have just found your blog and what a lovely post to do so upon! Your tea rituals sounds lovely - and I completely agree about tea and toast: life's panacea, and a very good snack to boot. And your new job sounds brilliant!

Alison Cross said...

Ah you sound like a really great girl, Lisa-Marie! Very switched on ;-)

Your new project sounds fantastic fun and I hope that it brings you a great deal of pleasure. I also hope that you get your new voluntary role with Action for Children - you sound like the perfect person for the job!

Don't worry about not finishing books, I regard that as a rather endearing personality trait ;-)

OK - I'll play along with your 10 things....

1 I never turned up for my final English Literature Exam at Glasgow Uni and I never EVER told my parents.

2 I used to spend my Brownie collection money on fags (1970s)

3 I only clean the house 2 days before my husband comes home from sea. A room unhoovered for 6 weeks doesn't look that much worse than one left for a week. Life is too short for housework - I got that off my mum.

4 I cry at adverts

5 I'd rather spend my last tenner on a book than on anything else.

6 I still mime along to music in the bathroom as if I was actually on stage. I am 46 years old.

7 Before puberty struck me hard with bosoms, I wanted to be a ballerina.

8 I was GLAD to have a Caesarian section and not have to shove a baby out my nethers.

9 I secretly believe that someone else is out there living my REAL life while I am stuck here living a kid-on one.

10 If I ever come into a lot of money, I would build a renal unit on the island so that people with kidney problems wouldn't have to spend their whole lives travelling to the mainland for dialysis.

Hmmmm - not very rock and roll, am I?!

Crochet is fun. I am not good at it, but it *is* fun.

Ali xxx

Lisa-Marie said...

Fay, Thank you, Dave made me it! lease do the ten things too! I am very lucky to have two jobs I love!

Julie, I will almost certainly be taking you up on that!

Annie, Rhubarb rock is one of my favourites, I love boiled sweets! I am really pleased the little ones go the pox now, but The smallest is very confused by it!

Jane, thank you for visiting! I love tea. I kind of don't want to drink it if it isn't Earl Grey from a pot!

Ali,It takes one to know one ;). I love your ten! I also used to do dance, but the family chubber genes got me. Also, I hate hoovering, even though i have a Henry hoover which is so cute. Sometimes I put a bow on it and call it Henrietta too! And I cry at everything - happy, sad, scary... tears!

grace said...

my mom crochets, and she makes the most beautiful things--great hobby to pick up! boo to spending the first month of your life in an incubator and the fact that you haven't had chicken pox, but yay to a new job and reading over toast and tea. :)

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I love reading random tidbits of info about people!

I am the same way w/ setting things out before the guests arrive. My best friend always teases me about it because I have to set the table and make sure it is all looking perfect before having guests over for dinner!

I owe you 10 facts about me... maybe I will do it as a blog post when I return to the blogging world! (very,very soon)

Lisa-Marie said...

Grace, my mum used to crochet the most beautiful blankets, I kind of want to carry on her tradition!

Lisa D, I think we are alike in many ways, and I shall look forward to your 10 things, and your return to blogging! You must only do it when you have time to enjoy it though!