Sunday, 15 November 2009

...a week in review- parcels, ballet and banterous nights out

This week has been a busy one! I have not blogged at all since last Monday, so this post is going to be looooooong! I promise lovely pictures and a wee recipe at the end!

On Tuesday, I made Dave get up early to take me to the Royal Mail Depot before work, because all my parcels seem to arrie in the two days I am at work, and I had three to pick up. Two of them were warm and cosy-making things for our Poland trip (it is likely to be around -15 when we go). I got us sheepskin insoles for our walking boots, and also myself a new chapeau (in the Hughes flat, we have only French hats)!It is huge, but I love it!

It's REALLY hard to take a picture of yourself with an SLR camera.
Hence the concentration face .

In the other parcel, packaged beautifully, were the things I purchased with my voucher for Caroline's shop Patchwork Harmony, I shall be blogging about my wee bits, but here's a peek at the cuteness of the packaging - cotton ribbon and a tiny Crimble tree peg!

Wednesday/ Thursday
Work was as usual fun but tiring, with some 'awww how cute' added in. My two and a half year old little one has learned to say 'I missed you' though he leaes the 'ed' out. It is quite a nice feeling to walk into the house after my long journey there and here him say 'Lisa, I miss you!'!

On Wednesday evening after work, Dave and I went to a lecture on how the fall of communism in Eastern Europe, and their subsequent inclusion in the EU has affected the youth of modern Britain. It was really interesting from a sociological point of view, and also I learned a bit more about the fall of communism. Afterwards there was a reception with canapes that were tiny works of art!

In the morning I received my purchases from Serena's Folksy shop, wich I was very excited about! I am going to do a wee feature on it very soon, so a picture of the lovely wrapping is all I shall show!

At 5pm I was picked up by my friend May, and to her house we went to have some fajitas and very nice wine with the girlies, before going to the ballet. We went to see the Moscow Ballet's performance of The Nutcracker, and it was wonderful!
Afterwards May and I hit the town. There was a bit of drinking, much dancing and merriment, and at the end of the night, we returned to the girls flat, where I was staying, to have toast and tea!

L-R Corona, Me, May.

On Saturday, I got the bus to Glasgow, and was picked up by Dave. Off we went to the Paisley flat to do some 'making it presentable', as a man is coming to value it on Friday! Fingers crossed for a good price please!
In the evening time, we met up with some friends for drinks, and I had a few cocktails. Whilst we were having French martinis, my freind Sharon commented that the little straws being held by the froth looked like alien antennae, and so we gave them alien names. Mine were named Splot and Flibbert. I don't know about you, but I think these are good alien names!

Today we had a lie-in(hurrah!), made the flat presentable a bit more, and then went to visit Dave's mum for a catch-up. We got home just after 7, hungry and cold, to realise there was very little for the eating in our flat. We had bacon, mushrooms and pasta, and what it turned into will evermore be what I make when we need something quickly!

Bacon and Mushroom Pasta in 10 minutes

3 rashers streaky bacon (or what bacon you have), chopped to small squares
3 chestnut mushrooms, diced
25g butter
25g flour
pint of milk
3 handfuls pasta
100g cheese

  • Put pasta on, cook according to instructions (I simmered mine 10 mins)
  • cook bacon and mushrooms on med-high heat till cooked through, bacon slightly crisp- 3 mins
  • drop in butter, cook till melted and frothy- about half a minute
  • take off heat, add flour and stir quickly to combine
  • add milk, put back on heat, and heat till it thickens - 4 mins ish
  • add cheese and stir till it melts
  • drain pasta, mix sauce in, serve and add pepper to taste.
  • EAT IT!!!
We ate it watching the X Factor results! I am off now to catch up on all the bloggage during the weekend!


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Yum! That pasta looks delish!

I love the hat you purchased! So cute! And I totally suck at taking self photos, even if it's not an SLR. I am always wishes I had my own personal camera man! ha!

Sounds like you had a great week!! When are you going to Poland??

Lisa-Marie said...

It was a good week! We go to Poland on the 11th of December for a long weekend, we are going with Dave's parents, and his brother and sister and their partners. I am excited!

Vonnie said...

Ahhhh you're so cute!

Serena said...

Thanks very much for mentioning my little shop :)

It's just occurred to me that I've never seen a picture of you close-up - you're so flippin' beautiful!


Fay said...

What a busy week indeed! I love your red hat, did you order it from France? I've been looking at the green fair isle beret from Cath Kidston, nothing makes me feel more snuggly than a woolen hat in winter. It's still too warm for them down here in London!

Lisa-Marie said...

Vonnie, you're pretty cute yourself!

Serena, you are welcome my dear, My 'featuring Serena' type post will be tomorrow most probably! And thank you :)

Fay, It did come from France, but even ones from the UK are called chapeaus by us! I can't believe it's still to warm for a hat there, Dundee is fricken freezing! of course, its a good excuse for cosy knitted things!

Slices of Beauty... said...

Lovely and busy week you have had!
Definitely another fun-filled one is coming your way, enjoy.

Hannah said...

oh wow! Its you! Ive never seen you before- your lovely!

What a lovely sounding week too.

Hannah said...

p.s im so jealous about poland, cant wait to see pics. Very intrigued.

Grace said...

i love that you just used the word "banterous." awesome. thanks for detailing your week and making me completely jealous, especially since you capped it all off with an awesome pasta dish!

Lisa-Marie said...

Slices of Beauty, thank you for visiting, and I shall enjoy the rest of my week! There will be family lunches and cinema trips with freinds!

Hannah, you are too lovely! Dae and I both love photography, so there will be lots of pictures from Poland!

Grace, I think it's safe to say that 'banterous' is one of my favourite words! I think 'banter' in its modern usage might have come from Scotland!

Lisa E said...

You are adorable. That is all. :-)

Lisa-Marie said...

Eastman, thank you :). You're pretty adorable yourself!