Sunday, 18 October 2009

... on a Sunday tradition - waffles!

Cinnamon-Apple Waffles with Vanilla Ice Cream and Honey

So, tis Sunday, the day of rest. Dave is now home, and we both have this random cold.flu/cough thing. Usually on a Sunday, we make sure to do something or go somewhere, but adventures are a bit much for both of us at the moment!

All I've done today is read, look at blogs and drool over stuff on Etsy, watch 'Two Weeks Notice' (I know!), and tidy up a bit. Then I made dinner( I love making Sunday dinner),and for pudding, we had waffles!

Our table ready for dinner. We had haggis, turnip and mashed potato.
It looks cute no?

Now for Dave and I, Sunday waffles are a tradition, and one we rarely miss. I place great importance in traditions because to a certain extent I think they are what glue people together, providing routine and familiarity when things are hectic, providing memories for when we are old. The thing about us having waffles together is that it will always be a nice memory, eventually including our children (hopefully) and I think those are invaluable. We usually have waffles as breakfast, but when we got up today it was almost lunch, so we had some soup(which I shall blog later!), and decided to have the waffles for pud.

The thing about this waffle mix is, it's essentially a fluffy pancake batter, so if you don't have a waffle machine, you can just fry this and have really good pancakes!
Dry ingredients and wet ingredients in my nice red baking bowls!

Basic Waffle Batter
(can't remember where I found this)

175g plain flour
1tbsp baking powder
2tbsp sugar
300ml milk
2 tbsp sunflower/veg oil
2 eggs


-2tbsp cinnamon and a small apple, grated
-2tbsp cinnamon and a handful of sultanas/raisins
-2tbsp chocolate chips and 1 tsp vanilla essence
-2tbsp fresh blueberries


- For pudding, we have vanilla ice cream and honey with a sprinkle of cinnamon
- chocolate spread
-single cream
-chocolate chips

Waffles +Mackie's Ice Cream + Honey = Heaven!
  • Mix dry ingredients, including ground spices
  • mix wet ingredients
  • mix together till batter is relatively smooth(leaving some lumps seems to help it rise)
  • mix in any additional ingredients(raisins, apple, choc chips etc)
  • If making waffles, oil/butter waffle machine, add 3 tbsp od batter per waffle section, and cook roughly 3 mins
  • if making pancakes, cook 3tbsp batter on medium heat for about 1 and a half minute each side in a frying pan.

We had cinnamon and apple waffles with honey and ice cream, and it is lovely and gooey and comforting. Now, I'm watching Xtra Factor and looking through the new blog posts that have found their way into my reader.

Do you have a Sunday tradition?


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Yum - I love waffles and only seem to eat them when I am either at my parents' cabin or visiting my friend Heidi.

When I was a kid, our Sunday tradition was to have popcorn for supper. We'd have a big noon meal so no one was every all that hungry. So my mom would make a bit batch of popcorn and we'd watch a movie or Sunday night tv as a family.

Hannah said...

here here- about the traditions thing. I love sunday waffles!

hope you get better soon!

(Ps - i nearly teared up at Fays baby scan! I know her, its so exciting! but it also made my womb wobble a bit too!)

Lisa-Marie said...

Lisa, I so have to have popcorn for tea and watch telly! Best idea ever,go your mum!

Hannah, I'm glad it's not just me who has a wobbly womb! It's very exciting when a freind is preggers, one of my bests is due to give birth pretty much now!

Hazey Bell said...

I remember you making waffles for me once when I stayed at yours, they were so yummy!

I hope you get better!

Love you xxxx