Friday, 9 October 2009

... shows you here wee flat (it's like blogger Cribs!)

So, as you could probably tell from the last post full of recipe photos, I have my camera in Dundee finally! I thought this the perfect chance to show you around our flat!

First, our tiny living room/kitchen.

This is our living room , the photo is taken from the door. I am very pleased that the nice red sofas came with the flat. We haven't brought up our book shelves yet, so the ledge is jammed full of books, and we still have box loads. It's a work in progress - pictures need to go up, we need curtains, we need an extension so that the tv wire isnt half way across the room, and we need record storage - but it's getting there, though it looks a bit boring still.

This is our kitchen, in the corner of our living room. You can see its very small, and therefore a bit cluttered, but we've made it our own with all of our bits of stuff! We also use the dinner table(which needs a table cloth) as a kitchen extention, for cookbooks and the fruitbowl and for
serving up.

And now, our lovely big bedroom.

Our headboard used to be a fireplace! I am still moving around objects, and a big picture will go on the wall above it( the prints on the mantle are Escher).

My reading place! I love this big deep windowseat, cosied up with a throw and some cushions! We might get a horizontal bookcase to go along the bottom of it (providing ample cup of tea and cake space).

Look at the lovely ceiling rose! Hands up if you think I need a fancy chandelier?

An the cornicing, I love it!

It looks quite bare still, we have to put up picture and curtains in both rooms, and we also can't paint which is annoying. The living room will look better when we have a bookcase for the books. For the moment though, it's home, and it's relatively cosy!


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Love it! I love all the character - esp the cornicing. Be still my heart - I adore that!

Thanks for showing us where you live! It does look oh so charming and cozy!

Lisa E said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! It has a lot of personality! I can definitely see your style and Lisa-ness coming through.

I would totally live there. :-)

And you're right; a red Kitchenaid would look fab in your kitchen!

Kelly said...

Love the place- especially all the red, so beautiful.

Serena Cowdy said...

Oh wow your flat is amazing! I love the clean white background, the high ceilings, the gorgeous window seat, the wooden kitchen table (I am a big fan of bare wood)... and the *swoon* cornicing!!

It looks so snug - and I bet the high ceilings make it feel much more spacious too. Gah I love it!

Lisa-Marie said...

Lisa D, I too love the cornicing! We hae decided that when our Paisley flat is sold, an we are looking for somewhere new to buy, it has to be Victorian!

Lisa E, you saying you like it makes me smile, since you are the professional designer!

Kelly - thank you for visiting and for commenting! Red is my favourite colour, incase you couldn't tell ;)!

Serena - I think we did pretty well! I love bare wood as well, this stuff is one of Ikea's nicer ranges, and we like it so much we may actually buy some when we move again!

Hazey Bell said...

Even though your place is very small and dinky, it is very cosy and pretty :)

I shall need to come and visit with Andy :D