Thursday, 1 October 2009

... my 1 year blogiversary (a week late)

My birthday cake, picture by my father-in-law - It's somewhat appropriate

I was just having a look back through my blog posts, and realised that I have been blogging for year (plus a week) now! I had been thinking about starting one for a few months before, and with some encouragement from Lisa, and my ever supportive husband, I did so.

I originally started my blog just to mark important things and moment in my life. Putting it on the interwebs means I have no fear of losing something I have invested time in, and I have enjoyed using my blog to do so. Initially, I looked at newlyweds blogs alot, which is how I found Lisa, who I am now happy to call my freind :). I've become something of a cooking blog fanatic, which I think shows in some of my posts. I have even thought of making a separate cooking blog, but I like this mish-mash of Lisa-ness! More recently that that even, I have made, I think, blogger freinds with people who live a bit closer to home, particularly Hannah and Serena.

I have mentioned only a few people, But the food blogs I follow are fantastic, and I urge anyone who likes food to have a look! As well as this, the majority of the more personal blogs I follow are written by lovely people, who give me support and help celebrate achievements. Every one of them is very, very talented. Again, I think they are muchly worth following!

Thank you to everyone who has commented, given me advice, shared these bits of my life and made me smile! Thanks also to Dave for not having a huff when I spend 5 minutes taking pictures of his dinner or pudding before he gets to eat it!


Lisa E said...

HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY! I'm so glad you started blogging! Your's is one of my favourites, for sure! I can smell your wonderful baking all the way over here...

It's been fab becoming friends; here's to a proper hug someday! Preferably in your corner of the world... ;-)

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Happy blogoversary! I think your blog is just lovely. Thanks for sharing your life with us!

Hannah said...

Happy anniversary! how very exciting! My how time flies! And also so pleased your new job is so good. Sounds like you need a car though! 3 hours?! Oh dear!

Lovely cake pic, btw

p.s How was the soup?